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Re: Exo's Exposé


Apologies still can't be on here that often..

I do check in if I sign on and read your last post..

sounds like a situation parallel to mine with my "family member" although so very different..


loving them, wanting them to have a quality of life and be safe; listening to them when they are at times incoherent and feeling helpless...

realisation...they are adults...they have to make choices whether or not we agree with those choices..

hearing of them being in such risky situations is heartbreaking..

where there are children, your grandchildren involved is a whole new situation altogether..

I read your words that they are with their prospective fathers and are in a safer place. Exactly what you needed to hear.

Please do not put any of this back on yourself which is a road many of us who have struggled intensely have been known to travel previously..

The familiarity of self-condemnation...most unhelpful...throw it a way...done with...has not purpose or use for anyone..


self care for you ...paramount...

this you have been putting into place so successfully and have an audience here who have loved reading of your travels..

One day at a time...sounds familiar I know...I am still practising this..

Today we had to say goodbye to our elder of our two cats..she was only 9 but diagnosed with kidney disease in November last year... We brought her home...she has been laid to rest with my soul furbaby from 4 years ago. He has been waiting...We had a form of ceremony, well I did and I honoured her place next to his with large pieces of bark from our heritage gum tree, along with some cuttings of plants that I will eventually plant once soil is ready. Knowing does not make it any easier...have cried my heart numb now. had two glasses of wine with take away as neither of had zilch interest in cooking..husband wanted to eat...I would have gone I find myself on here...

Think I might go and find a dark chocolate digestive biscuit which I saw him bring back packets of from the shops. Better the biscuit than a glass of wine...

Then reply to a couple of others...

Was awake until about 4.45am this morning in and out of bathroom hoping to fall asleep...just dozed...

perhaps numbness, might help me sleep..

I hope that you find some semblance of sleep.

You have been in overdrive far too long..

Thinking of you as always my friend and am pleased that you have others on here along with Mazarita for constant support.

Love Sophia 🤎💜💚


Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet 💕💕

Re: Exo's Exposé

Love and hugs, @Exoplanet. So sorry to hear of this news about you daughter, and the effect it is having on family. Glad to hear the children are in safer places for now. How are you holding up?


@Sophia1, I was touched to read your wise words to exo about your similar experiences. One day at a time likely has new relevance for many more people these days. How are things with you?


I'm kind of numb just now about what's happening everywhere, and basically letting myself do anything I want, at any hour, as long as I stay at home. Starting things, dropping things to start something new, sleeping in the day or night, doesn't matter. Anything to reduce feelings of anxiety and replace them with relaxation. Taking it easy, knowing that I, along with most of the world, are processing something huge.


Hi @outlander@eth, and anyone reading. Well wishes all.



Re: Exo's Exposé

Sending you all my warmest wishes this morning @Exoplanet .  I feel for you so deeply with the situation with your daughter.  And very glad to hear the children are all in better places for now.   I guess that partly explains why there's been so much financial shenanigans.  My deepest empathy goes to you.  And wishes that she will wake up to the consequences of what she's doing and make changes.  


Lots of 🧡💛💜s and sending you all the strength you need for this.


@Sophia1  yet again your words are so poignant.   


Very glad you have the support of us here @Exoplanet .


Re: Exo's Exposé

@Sophia1 Heart


Much love to youHeart 


Re: Exo's Exposé

My magical MazyHeart @Mazarita  I'm so glad your backHeart


Re: Exo's Exposé

Hello @Exoplanet @outlander @Mazarita @eth @greenpea 


So lovely to read all of the words of support that everyone is giving.

There is a spiritual feeling about this thread.

I feel the strong loving energy.

All of you individually, along with @Exoplanet whose name picture (whatever the reference for that is, I hope you understand what I am talking about. When anxiety and stress rises I lose words.)

whose name picture emanates such energy.


Reading back from the beginning, your story telling has been so inviting.

you are one special lady.


@Mazarita I too am very much one day at a time. Am currently trying to settle my other cat who has got outside a few times. he is looking for his sister (even though they were such rivals). A few minutes ago I heard him meowing the sound that comes when he has a trophy for me, also a sound that represents he needs company. So I have been talking to him and patting him, talking about her has helped me also. He has been giving me little kisses with his rough cat tongue.

I know that your puppies now adult dogs? give the same @Exoplanet 

@Mazarita I have insomnia and have to take medication which is not working at the moment. I am awake until abo4.30am each morning then fall into that dream sleep that we go into if we fall asleep later. I wake up later than I want to and feel so groggy and blech. I cannot sleep in the day as I would be swinging  from the ceiling.

I am sorry to hear that you are so affected by the pandemic virus. Those of us who already have anxiety, are further heightened.

I try to reassure myself that I am doing everything that I can for my family. 

I try to use the time to do things that I have been putting off. Believe me there is so much to do.

I also try to get out for a walk as I need nature and animal, birdlife to ground me.

I am of course still concerned.

More so at the idiots who are not listening and taking social distancing seriously.

Bunnings yesterday, I spent most of my time dodging selfish people.


We have no control over the world and it's catastrophes. We can work at strategies to help us through each day starting again. We do not know everything only what information is released. I do know that they are working very hard at finding solutions.

If we can, balance our mind, body and souls.

What about if each of us write about something that has worked in the past no matter how tiny an effort?

I will try to check in briefly daily, if you think this might help this beautiful thread.

In the meantime love to you all and let us all remind ourselves that the sun will set and rise again tomorrow. Each day still bringing with it new discoveries if we open our eyes and mind.



Re: Exo's Exposé

Beautiful words, intentions and ideas @Sophia1 

Thinking of you and @Exoplanet  @Mazarita @outlander @greenpea  today.  Take good care everyone xoxo


Re: Exo's Exposé

Thinking of everyone Heart @Mazarita  @Sophia1  @eth  @greenpea  Heart


Mazy, I've been thinking, your anxiety might be higher because you've just come back from overseas. You would have been in large groups, doing your super-star thing Smiley Happy My 2 cents worth, which is worth about as much as a 2 cent piece these days Smiley Wink Is it's not your fault, this is nobodies fault, this is a part of evolution. I hope your feeling ok physically, but even if your not, I still believe we have one of the best governments on the planet, with one of the best medical systems - which I think means Australians have one of the best chances of recovering from this virus & those with exisiting medical issues {like yourself & myself} have good reasons to feel confident they will continue to recieve medical assistance. I have been rather obsessively checking the numbers, looking up the updates & the news. I do think we are curving the rate at which this virus is spreading in our country. For many of my friends here & myself, self-isolating is nothing new - we're almost professionals at it Smiley Happy I wonder whether those who are more suitably social, will begin to realize the difficulties of those who can never be? Whether those who have never know financial problems may learn a little of the hardships involved? I'm seeing some positives in the news, for instance the worlds pollution levels have dropped & cease-fires in current wars are being made! Kindness is making a come-back, people are helping other people with the likes of money, food & communication Smiley Happy I have never know the entire world to act together as it basically is now - that isn't an entirely bad thing. 


Love to all that need or want it Heart


Re: Exo's Exposé

@Exoplanet  have been thinking of you the last few days wondering how you were going.... you and your pups. How are you doing lovely lady? I hope you are well and continue on with kindness and caring coming your way. Love peaxxx

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