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wellwellwellnez - profile picture

I think I have A.V.P.D. Also, sorry. Also, help. Also, I don't want to talk about it. Also, I don't have A.V.P.D. You have A.V.P.D! Also,...........

.....Does anyone out there have A.V.P.D. (Avoidant Personality Disorder)? or maybe just know a thing or two about avoidant troubles. I'm not diagnosed, but I'm identifyin ... Read more

LostAngel - profile picture

Lost Angel needs to rant about Anxiety,Sex and Overthinking how she treats people

I so need to rant right now its ridiculous but here goes,I wish I didnt think so much,I wish I would let my gaurd down more with the people I like,I wish I didnt treat gu ... Read more

florenceforty - profile picture

Should you try to avoid suicidal thoughts?

Someone I know explicitly said that suicidal thoughts are very different from standard intrusive thoughts. With suicidal thoughts, the idea isn't to try to stop them ... Read more

M_P90 - profile picture

Am I a difficult client?

I'm going through a very difficult time in my life, and my mental health is detoriating. I'm reaching out for help from a very desperate place. Today I saw my GP, wh ... Read more

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