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Re: not feeling good

Do not stop your meds @BlueBay That only hurts you and no-one else and you know what happens when you stop them suddenly.

I can see why you got angry with hubbybut you also need to let that go otherwise you will continue to focus on it and it will affect your mood all weekend. It is a small thing that he needs to deal with himself. I understand your frustration - my mother does the same thing - cannot make a decision and if she gets input from myself or my sister she still procrastimates over it so being polite yet firm is what I have found works - especially for me. Try the same -politely say it is your decsion that I cannot make for you. It puts the onus on him to make the decision whilst taking any responsibility away from yourself - then move on from it. There is no point getting angry as that simply works you up into a place you dont want or need to be in.

Re: not feeling good

@Zoe7  you know me so well!!! Smiley Happy

Just took my morning meds and I will try to let my anger reg. hubby go.  

i will enjoy my afternoon (i hope)

hope you are okay and enjoying your day so far xxxoo

Re: not feeling good

Good job Hon - control the things you can like your meds and your anger and you will have a much better day @BlueBay There is no point letting our anger rule our lives as the only person that hurts is ourselves. It is okay to get angry at some things but knowing when and where to place that anger is the key. Some slow deep breaths and knowing it is not the end of the world to let it go helps Hon. You can't always control everything but how you react to the small things in life you can. Let this one go and enjoy what you have left of the day - dwell more on the positives and you will feel a whole lot better about yourself as well Heart

Re: not feeling good

Hi @BlueBay 


I hear you and I am glad you have taken your medication - you already know it will be a disaster if you don't and you can make that choice but you also know you are only hurting yourself - which is such a pity


About decisions - really - there is only one way to learn how to make decisions and that is to make them and put up and learn from mistakes when we make them. But I understand - my ex could not be trusted to buy his own clothes - he had a wardrobe full of hard to iron, cheap, ill-fitting and mismatched clothes and I would only iron those that were easy to iron - and I think he took stuff to his mother to fix or iron - but really - it was part of the tension between my ex and I and spread to his mother who I ignored


I am really not the person to give advice in such an area - I am pretty assertive now but I used to be aggressive - really angry and let him know - I don't think he took much notice though


For years we lived in the same house but I worked days and he worked nights and we had totally different social lives - when I read what you write I wonder if your marriage is heading down the same path - people do drift apart and we broke up after our daughter left home


There was no love left and now I ask myself - is there any love left between you and your husband? It is not good to be angry all the time - it does terrible things to our minds and bodies - and you often feel like running away


Actually I did - I would take off and stay at a motel for a few days - so I ask myself if this helped and I think it did - it always helps to have a change of scenery


But things do not sound good to me - I feel sad to think of you battling away with all this chaos around you.


I am glad you are getting a session with the therapist with your husband but really - is he ready to listen.


I wish you the best BlueBay - I know how lonely it can be in a marriage that is loveless and I am sorry - I wish there was something I could say that was really useful but I think it's a lost cause - been there - 


Sending more hugs -




hugs.jpgSame pic but it keeps working

Re: not feeling good

I am glad you have taken your medication my sister @BlueBay Heart

and thank you or being with me this morning xxx

we are home now , very tired and exhausted @Razzle , @Zoe7 , @Faith-and-Hope , @Dec 

Re: not feeling good

Thankyou for your response @Dec .  You are right, once you have lost a child the others do become even more precious.  I think it’s because you now know exactly what it is you have lost.  I just don’t know what to do in this situation, I feel like my son is being walked over, and the way they treat him will only get worse after the baby arrives, but he takes it because he doesn’t want to lose everything.  He really wants this baby, and he will make a fantastic father, but I think he will eventually get pushed away.  In the meantime we are also squeezed out, it’s just a mess.


I’m sorry to hear of the harassment you experienced at the church.  All this media attention surrounding Pell has made an impact on me, I’m actually quite shaky just thinking about it now.  I kind of feel like in some small way him being brought to justice is justice for all CSA victims that have never got justice for themselves.  It’s like I need to be able to have faith in the justice system, and if he gets off then what hope do any of us have ?  


Re: not feeling good

@Shaz51   Sorry to hear of your loss. What a tough day you have had, I hope you can get some rest today and are feeling ok.  ❤️❤️

Re: not feeling good

Hi everyone @Razzle @Shaz51 @Dec @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope @Sherry 

im not feeling great.  For almost a week I’ve had stomach pain with pelvis and hip psin. And a bulge in my stomach right under my rib cage. I’m worried it is the hernia I have. I’m seeing my doctor this Thursday. Walking is painful. 

Day off tomorrow which is nice. 

Hope you all are ok. ❤️❤️❤️

Re: not feeling good

It is goo dthat you are seeing your doctor on Thursday to get it checked out @BlueBay 

Re: not feeling good

I agree @BlueBay 

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