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Re: not feeling good

Big hugs @BlueBay.  I haven’t been around on the forums lately, but sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell.


not getting much of a holiday at the moment, mum took a tumble a couple of days ago and broke her thumb, so doing a bit of running around with Drs and other appointments.  Just wish I was home now

Re: not feeling good

Hi @Shaz51@Razzle@Sherry@Dec

I’m ok. Just wanted to let you all know. I spoke with lifeline last night. 

Went for an hour walk eith hubby D and Ayla. Good walk. I’m going to walk again tomorrow morning and there is a caravan that sells coffee st the beach. So hubby and I will walk down there. 

Hope you are all well 

take care ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Re: not feeling good

Sounds good @BlueBay.  Really pleased to hear you're okay and out walking and doing things to keep yourself okay. Well done.

Sherry Heart

Re: not feeling good

way to go my sister @BlueBay Heart

Re: not feeling good

Thanks @Shaz51@Sherry ❤️❤️

Re: not feeling good

I’m in a lot of pain st the moment. I woke up eith a sore neck but now the pain is down my shoulder and back. 

I took pain meds and heat/cold pack. 

Even laying down the pain is intense. 

I hope it gets better soon. 

Re: not feeling good


I’m feeling really sad today but sort of expected it. My d snd Ayla caught up with hubby and I for a ciffee. She told us today thst she is not hsppy eith her partner. He doesn’t help her with Ayla at all. Doesn’t hrlp her with dishes st night. He eats dinner snd then goes to his mates house EVERY single night. My poor D has to do everything. He is very selfish. She told him that and  he said he knows sbd won’t change. 

She said she has had enough. She told me thst she thought will she be happy with him in 5 yrs time. And her was no. Nothing will change. 

So he is going to his mates house and my D will come to live with us. 

What do you do? Of course we would take her in. But where the hell do we put everything. I can’t think. 

I knew this would be coming. I just had a feeling. 

He is very lazy and I didn’t know half of the stuff until today when she told me. 


Re: not feeling good

You will fit her and Ayla in @BlueBay It will just take some re-organising. Your D will help you and she will be much happier - and you will have Ayla there all the time so that will help you too.

Re: not feeling good

Hi @BlueBay. I realise this is all very sudden and worrying, but it just might be a huge blessing in disguise. There are many likely benefits and positives, for all of you, in this new arrangement. So sit down, take a deep breath, and come up with a plan of attack to make it happen.

Sherry 💜🍀

Re: not feeling good

I agree with @Sherry, @Zoe7  xx

@BlueBaythink of all the postives

seeing Ayla and your daughter everyday , your daughter will be a help and she will be happyier xoxo

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