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Casual Contributor

Hi all.

Hi. I'm J.D.


Having recently (July 2018) been diagnosed with BPD, I'm pretty new to this.


I've suffered alone for so long, and even after the diagnosis, I didn't really take it seriously. 


It's serious now though...


Unfortunately, my hesitation to ask for help and start treatment has meant my wife, who has put up with so much and is an amazing woman, asked me to leave...her and our son.


I'll tell you now...a broken heart every morning is just about the worst thing ever.


I'm medicated now, and in therapy, but every day is hard...maybe too hard???


But I'm fighting... I've got my son to think about, and he is, without doubt, my strength.


Thanks for listening to my ramblings.




Re: Hi all.

Not Ramblings @JestersDespair

Smiley Happy


Yep your beautiful son still needs you and you can make a huge positive difference for him.

Smiley Happy

Re: Hi all.

Thank you. 


He's a pretty special little person.

Casual Contributor

Re: Hi all.

Hey J.D it’s hard man, iv been there just like you and have an 8 yr old son now. Best thing you can do is stay on your meds like your doing and stay in touch with friends and help. It gets better and it sounds like your do the right things. Nice work keep it up 👍

Re: Hi all.

Thanks Dennis.


Re: Hi all.

Hi @JestersDespair welcome to the forum. Sorry it's so tough for you. I went through a messy, heartbreaking split and thought I would go under. It took a long time, but I'm happier now. I had to learn to look after myself and my health as a priority after putting everone else first for 20 years. 

It is really hard, but you have a reason to keep going - your boy - and in time other reasons will come. 

The way I see my mental health now (Bipolar 1 and anxiety), it takes a lot of work for me to live well, and support from health professionals, friends and the forum, but it's worth it. Take care.

Re: Hi all.

Thanks, Frog (a sentence I thought I'd never use 😆)


It has been heart breaking...even more so because we still love each other so much. But, our boy IS the priority, and I wasn't good to be around at times. And, I'm still hopeful that we'll find a way back to each other.


I know what you mean about doing for others...I'm recently 40, and have been trying to be who I thought people wanted me to be since I was 13.


Thanks again for sharing and your support


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