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Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  Hi Zoe7 I hope you are doing well my friend Smiley Happy. Have mum dropping by this morning which should be nice (as long as she is on her best behaviourSmiley Wink). Wishing you a wonderful Thursday. You friend always super peaxxxx

Re: A long rave

Good morning everyone ..... 👋


So pleased to hear about your bone density recovery  @eth.  I didn’t know it was something that can be reversed ..... but it will make a massive difference for you going forward.    


I hope its an okay day for all who pass through here.

Re: A long rave

thanks @Faith-and-Hope  I'm very pleased about the osteo changes too.  But today will be a challenging one for me - my adult child is having a double mastectomy by choice today.  I've thought about little else since yesterday afternoon.  So many things I could say but they're all jumbling in on each other.


Hope today is starting gently and is a peaceful one for all here.  @greenpea @Zoe7 @Doglover @Angels333 @Shaz51 @Maggie @saturnzoon @Hamsolo01 @Appleblossom @Adge  and all else around here this morning xx

Re: A long rave

More gentle hugs incoming @eth  💕💕💕


(Responded on the other thread too)

Re: A long rave

Hope your Mum is on her best behaviour for you too @greenpea and you have a nice morning with her Heart I am off to work soon - need to shower first ...more to wake me up than anything lol Feeling very overwhelmed with it all again today but hoping once I get to work it will run smoothly and we can get everything done. 


Hope the rest of your day is good for you little pea. Hugs Heart

Re: A long rave

That is a lot to occupy your thoughts today @eth so no wonder you cannot think of anything else. It is a big deal so hope the operation goes okay for your adult child and you hear good news. It no doubt brings up a lot of feelings for you though so plenty of self-care today Hon Heart

Re: A long rave

Thanks so much @Zoe7 . Thank you for your post and lovely words. I really appreciare it.

Much love to you too.

Doglover xxx

Re: A long rave

Thinks still ridiculously tough here @eth . Hope things are ok your end.

Doglover xxx

Re: A long rave

@Doglover, thinking of you.  Hang in there.  Can you call or text your husband and tell him how much you need him to support you with the meeting?  I replied in your 'hospital' thread as well.  Heart


Take care

Re: A long rave

@eth hope everything goes well for your son, sending you good best wishes for you and your family, may the angels protect you all eth, and have some comfort.

Hello @Zoe7 hope everything is going ok and well at work so you're not overwhelmed 

@Mazarita @Gazza75 @Doglover @Faith-and-Hope @greenpea @Doglover @Adge 

@outlander @CheerBear @BlueBay @Darcy @Meowmy @Ant7 @Angels333 @Maggie 

@Hamsolo01 @Shaz51 hope you all have had a good day.

I'm having trouble with my eldest son, he gave us his old car as he brought another one. He phoned me today saying he has got a guy coming to see the car to buy it and it took me a while to sink in what he said so I told him no, but he said he needs it to pay his rent, anyway it ended up where I we said no as my other son is registering it as my eldest cancelled the rego on it when he gave it to me and has now threatened to take us to court which he won't but he doesn't want anything to do with me now.

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