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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Losing another friend


there it is. I’ve lost another friend. 4 years ago I had work mates, training friends and friends. I know I’ve made mistakes. They’ve also made mistakes. None of them are in contact with me anymore and now I’ve lost my best friend. I getting told not to isolate, but I feel so hurt and vulnerable, I don’t want to meet people. 

Do you feel isolated and alone? I feel so alone.


Re: Losing another friend

I hear you @Aeiou 

I feel so lonely too. I used to have friends but have none now and I don't know how to change that.

I wish I had the answers.


Re: Losing another friend

hi @Aeiou I was friendless and without any family for about 7 years due to crippling MH probs. I started to try to build a social network about 2 years ago by going to Meetups. I was still unwell then so very self-concious about how I appeared to people and found it extremely difficult to relate to people and feel any connection. I was very easily insulted and offended by the slightest remark by people so it was very hard work. But some people still befriended me. And then I got better MH on the right meds, then slowly my social skills developed and my friendships developed. I now have lots of friends & regularly see family. It just took a lot of time & hard work.

If you feel up to it I recommend joining Meetup. You can start by only going to mental health meetups if you like. I started that way - anxiety and depression meetups - I didn't like it because of the negativity but lots of people find it calming & supportive. I gradually explored other groups and went from there.

Re: Losing another friend

hey there @Aeiou
I can relate to this too. I have lost some. Keeping some is hard too. I sometimes think that we get sold the idea that we have to have heaps of friends where even just losing one is too much. But in some ways this happens.

Sometimes I don't want to meet people either. Like tonight for example.

Re: Losing another friend

@Snowie @Hamsolo01 @BryanaCamp 


I have learnt that it’s not important to have many friends. The last one I lost was my best friend, and I feel lost, like a lost cause, like I don’t deserve. So the idea of building a support network has back fires badly.


I will try and find casual people (I don’t want to call them friends, as I share and care about friends). People I can do activities with, without revealing much of myself. If I can get out of the house that is. 


I feel so hurt.

Re: Losing another friend

One step at a time @Aeiou

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