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Re: Fragile

Hi @Shaz51! its nice to see you too!! I havn't been around much for a while but it is lovely to come back to find you and so many others still here and still supporting each other so well, love the forums Smiley Happy

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Re: Fragile

Yep, the word ni=p was used a lot in wartime, a derogatory reference to Japanese military. Dad used the word a lot after his term in the Korean War mostly based in North Japan. Another favourite of his was Septic Tanks (for Yanks). People get offended I guess. Most my guudelines 'red lighting' occurs with typos, gadp!! I'm sometimes shocks what I've typed, and hope a 'real' person didn't see it, for fear its seen as deliberate use :z lol

Re: Fragile

Thx @Fancy_Pants lol

Hi @Shaz51

@Former-Member  I have never heard that Yank one.  I am gonna use it one day (with feeling) (off the forum).  I was so NOT racist and I had to swallow so much Bull.  


Smiley LOL

Re: Fragile

Aware of vulnerability at both extremes of the heat spectrum.

Smiley Sad

Fires are coming close to where my son did a lot of local busking.

Smiley Sad

Sitting in an overly air conditioned office for one hour nearly put my neck out, at any rate severly stressed it. The vent was in fron of me so it was not due to air stream directly on my neck, but the level of refrigeration of temp which the staff could not control.

Both the female workers suffered coughs and colds due to it.  They were nice and opened a door, but that was not the answer either.

Why do work places act so dumb ... so now when asked about barriers to employment, I am going to have to say over air conditioned buildings .... better safe than sorry with my neck.  And companies write it off as a tax expense ... when they should change the settings.

Smiley SadSmiley SurprisedSmiley MadSmiley Tongue

Re: Fragile

hello @Appleblossom, I agree my friend

it is the same in hospitals , when mum says "it is cold in here " and you find out the aircon is going straight on her at 22 degrees and my mum is 87 and weighs 40kgs

come on , face the aircon up in the air on not  on a frail patient


Re: Fragile

@Appleblossom ❀ ❀ β›€πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒΊ

Re: Fragile

@Appleblossomthese are for you Heart 


Re: Fragile

Re: Fragile

Thank you @Shaz51 & @outlander

Am listening to Beethovens Emporer Concerto atm. 

Smiley Happy

Re: Fragile

@Appleblossom dropping off a rock of a different kind.


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