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Re: Dark Skies

Thank you for that @Shaz51 


I was sort of thinking out loud and decided to share it.

I know you are there and it is Greatly appreciated, does help.

There are just things that are far too sensitive and carry legal aspects.



Limbo is a hard place to live in, doing so in silence is difficult.

Each step.

Getting there.









Re: Dark Skies

Limbo is a hard place to live in, doing so in silence is difficult.--- it is @Wanderer 

same as the waiting game

how are your fur baby and her babies xx


Re: Dark Skies

Little dog is doing well @Shaz51 


Only have one little one left to find a home for.


Dad has been sold as well, our situation is uncertain so we needed to find good homes for all except the mother for now.


Will be our last dogs.


Will be ok though so long as we find good homes for them, which we have so far.


New life.




Re: Dark Skies

makes a difference knowing they are all going to good homes @Wanderer 

i still miss my fur babies but where we are now , it is better without them

Re: Dark Skies

Yes @Shaz51  for them and for us.


Had good news about the farm today. The bank evaluation for my buyer went well so the contract is proceeding well. Downside is I feel torn, this is the last of many years of hard work and lifestyle that will never return. This is who I was, I don't know how I really feel about it. Conflicted, torn, sad, fifty years of farm life, over, gone.

Needs to happen though, so also a new beginning, a door closed a door opened.


I am looking forward to a peaceful home with my daughter and time to, really get into my writing.


Re: Dark Skies

so also a new beginning, a door closed a door opened.--- very true @Wanderer 

and throughout life I have found "different ages, different stages "

and it can be really hard to accept

there are also different ways we can tke it -- by yelling and kicking

or go with the flow

my mr shaz hates changes and finds it hard


@Hamsolo01, @frog , @TAB , @Faith-and-Hope 


Re: Dark Skies

Change, yep, can be hard @Shaz51 


"different ages, different stages "  Also very relevant, and I had thought I had this one covered with a more retired involvement with the farm and watch the kids step up in their lives to whatever they chose.


Kinda ambushed on that one but yep, go with the flow, can also be sink or swim.

Our trials seem to come in flocks rather than singly.








Re: Dark Skies

one door closes another opens @Wanderer  ?


Re: Dark Skies

Hello @TAB 


My past life, farming and living on the land is over.


My new life offers peace and stability. I am leaving behind a lifetime of hard work and memories but also a long time of stress, anxiety and torment.


The future could be full of sunshine and peace.

I will leave farming and take up writing.


Hoping the future holds something good for everyone on the forum.


Re: Dark Skies

hi @Wanderer  that sounds profound yes doesnt sound easy I grew up on farm, father worked on it, we didnt own it. But still very strong connection, esp when had to leave. was my 1200 acre playground when felt like it, used to walk all day in its bounds sometimes 

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