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Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

Morning All πŸ‘‹πŸ’•


Looks to me like there is a need for this thread, to help bring together parents who know the pain of having adult kids who are struggling with mi conditions.


I will tag a few of our regulars to get some discussion going, but please feel free to tag others in, and add resources as you find them.


Cheers - F&H


@Smc @Appleblossom  @greenpea @Janiee @Determined @Darcy  @Shaz51   @Tufftimes 

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Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

Good idea @Faith-and-Hope.


Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

Sounds good, much appreciated, thank you.

Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

Thank you for tagging me @Faith-and-Hope 

I am sad and exhausted atm.  Feeling like a whipping post.  Need to make a few statements to son when he wakes and drive him to pdoc this afternoon.  His gf is coming over for next 2 weekends.


I dont have black and white views about who has an illness or not.  Perhaps I should have cared less, but I cannot change that part of me.

Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

thanking you for tagging me @Faith-and-Hope 

hello @Tufftimes , @Appleblossom , @Smc 

love my step children soo much , and love to help them more xoxo

Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

Thank you @Faith-and-Hope  I love my children all 3 of them but with my son2 inparticular I get so emotionally exhausted. I dread sometimes him coming up to me as I know he will more than likely start talking his schizo talk and I get so tired dealing with the madness day in and day out but I love him unconditionally none the less.


Sometimes I just don't know what to do.

Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

Hearing you re managing madness in the home and with love.  No easy answers Bella.

@greenpea Heart

Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

I'm hearing you, re my #2 son with schitzoaffective, the seemingly laziness, constant mess, eating everything in sight without care of who it's for, constant borrowing without concern or repayment, and doing nothing for himself or me is majorly frustrating, and the schizo babble tiring and upsetting on occasion. Then I have Aspy son3 being ignorant, just living in his room, also doing nothing for himself, and both often putting me down, I feel like an empty shell of the person I was even 2 months ago, and am slowly working on trying to turn that back around.

Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

It does take time to rebuild when you hit rock bottom as a carer @Tufftimes ...... taking care of yourself in all the little ways you can helps.    We often begin to crumble in increments, and it can take a while to understand we can rebuild in increments too ...... gently, gently.  Raising boundaries where we can is important too, so our sandcastles don’t continually wash away, so to speak.  We need to create a little bit of space around us, a bubble in which to function for ourselves, as ourselves.

Re: Parents Supporting Unwell Adult Children

Hi @Jezza_au and @catwar .  This is a new thread for parents who are caring for adult(ish) kids with mi struggles.  Sometimes it can really help to hear from others about what they do to cope, and how they look after themselves along with the challenges of caring for their kids.

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