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ALRWA - profile picture

So isolated

Not sure where to start. Care for my husband of 25+ years who has had chronic illness from before we met. A lifetime of that and people deserting and people not caring an ... Read more

Rivulet - profile picture

My sister is not talking to anyone, I don't know what's the best course of action

Hi everyone, my sister has schizophrenia and she is currently not talking to anyone. This only occurred today. She was responsive for the past few days but it seems that ... Read more

Tess2 - profile picture

Frustration of a Carer

Hi, I would like to ask, are there others out there that get annoyed when medical people and support workers who keep telling you "Your son is an adult, its got nothing t ... Read more

L4SS - profile picture

Lost, scared and alone.

Hi everyone,   I'm new to the whole asking for support from others when I'm in need. To be honest, every time I try to ask for help, my mind goes blank and no words ... Read more

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Hot Chocolate anyone?

A lovely thread to pop in and share a virtual hot chocolate with others that might understand what you are going through

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