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Mummoof2 - profile picture

Perinatal anxiety / depression in men ?

Hi there, not really sure how this all works but I'm looking to get some advice. My husband of 6 years and I now have 2 beautiful boys (3.5 year old and 9 week old). Sinc ... Read more

Appleblossom - profile picture

Time heals all wounds .... suicide is real ... beyond trite phrases

The first piece in this book called "Time Heals All Wounds" is a very sensitive and direct discussion of teenage suicide.  SO many phrases resonated so deeply for me ... Read more

sal2 - profile picture

Confused and terrified about admitting my teen into hospital

Hi, This is my first time posting but I am desparate for any info. So forgive me for my lengthy post.   My 17 yrs old has been struggling with depression and anxiety ... Read more

Yellowsunflower - profile picture

How to help!

My husband has had mental health issues ever since we met. I used to be really supportive and knew how to respond when he was going through a rough patch of mental health ... Read more

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People having hot chocolate together
Hot Chocolate anyone?

A lovely thread to pop in and share a virtual hot chocolate with others that might understand what you are going through

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