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Something’s not right


Bright Side of the Road

I have songs that are the songs for an event. When I was at ag college 30 years ago, our year group song was “Sweet Home Alabama”

  I had my accident 20 years ago, I was tossed in the air by a grain auger beside our grain silos, I broke many bones and had a brain bleed and lost my left frontal lobe. At our house 200 meters away the Van Morrison album was playing so my theme song is “Bright Side of the Road”. You go the way you look. Ralph 


Re: Bright Side of the Road

Powerful post @Ralph 

You really are a survivor.


I like to check out songs ... they can have many purposes

Smiley Happy

Bright Side of the Road

Smiley Happy

Re: Bright Side of the Road

@Ralph @Appleblossom  Hi Ralph and Appleblossom when I was very ill and completely manic I was crazy about Nirvana and would play their songs incessantly. Now that i am well t took me ages to be able to play their music again as hearing them brought back flash backs.... now I can and I have discovered I still love their music to this day Smiley Happy.

Read the story behind 'Nevermind' here: Listen to more from Nirvana: Subscribe for more videos: Facebook: Twitter: ...

Re: Bright Side of the Road

Thanks for the reply apple blossom.

I listened to Kurt Cobain in Nirvana sing  Drain You, as in green peas response and looked up the lyrics.

  I write poem verses in various note books in my vehicle etc, I am sitting in a supermarket car park, The verse I am looking at is vomitus. But part of me is the bad stuff?

  Once again I am unsure.

   I am doing this on my phone.  


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