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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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@Lotusgirl  This may not sound very nice and I am sorry but as someone with severe OCD I am sure you and I know deep down that no matter how many people on here tell you it is fine it won’t get rid of the thoughts you are having. Seeking reassurance only goes so far but it never gets rid of the issue when it is OCD and it might give you 5 mins of relief but it won’t last and you will need to ask again. I think maybe you should see if you can talk to a professional support person about this as it seems to really be bothering you. And I get it I do honestly I am not trying to sound cold but this forum can’t really give you what you are looking for ultimately the only way you can feel less anxious about this is by letting go of the fear and I am not saying that is easy in any way but while ever the ocd is still in control (which let’s be honest is exactly what is happening) you will still be feeling horrible about this. 


I am sorry if this upsets you I genuinely didn’t mean for it to do that and you can completely feel free to ignore me but I just know that even if I told you it was fine that wouldn’t be helpful in the long run. Idk I was trying to find a softer way to say this but I am struggling and as I said above if it isn’t ok then just ignore me. 

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