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Something’s not right

Re: Sister Withdrawing

Hi @silhouette .... 👋💕


Good to see you.


Soorry to hear your sister’s struggles seem to be getting worse with the yearly anniversaries.  Perhaps some sort of pilgrimage around the anniversary date might help to ease her pain. Is there a special garden centre she can go to around that time every year, for instance, in the hope of it being a distraction and something or a salve

Re: Sister Withdrawing

Hi @silhouette 

I know at times I have not felt brave enough to express my feelings, coming on the forums has been liberating for me in that way.  


It is a struggle, it can be frustrating, lonely, tiring, we wonder if it will ever end. The negative emotions rear their heads, anger, bitterness ; we feel ashamed because of them.


I now recognise these feelings are universal in carers and when the "ugly" ones start showing up it is often an indication we are starting to get carer burnout. I found counselling really helpful too , we all react differently due to our own backgrounds.



Re: Sister Withdrawing

sooo good to see you @silhouette  HeartHeart

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