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Something’s not right


Not sure what's going on

I've sat on the edge here watching for a few weeks, not sure what I'm experiencing but I think maybe depression and a sense of uselessness but I don't want to disturb lifeline because they have to deal with people really struggling.

I make it through each day but occasionally find things a bit more of a struggle and stuff comes out of my eyes and makes my cheeks wet and my chest heave and I'm just a bit lost but don't really know what I can do by being here except maybe to not be alone 


Re: Not sure what's going on

Hello @Blueflyer,


Firstly, I want to thank you for coming onto the forum and sharing your post. It's great that you've felt comortable to share. You mention that you are reluctant to contact lifeline, but I want to reassure you that you are welcome to contact them anytime. You wouldn't be distrubing them :-) I'm sorry to hear that you're finding things to be more of a struggle at times. Many of us can relate to those feelings, you're not alone.


You might also like to check out our Introduce Yourself page here. If you're feeling up to it, feel free start a chat :-)


Take care


Re: Not sure what's going on

Hello @Blueflyer

I found it helped my mindspace being on this forum and being more relaxed about socialising which I have found difficult at the best of times.

There is also a Good Morning thread which you can access through the search box. As you get to know different people gradually I hope you feel less alone.

Cheers Apple

Smiley Happy

Re: Not sure what's going on

This is a blue flyer.



Re: Not sure what's going on

@Blueflyer Blueflyer is adorable I love kangaroos Smiley Happy. Welcome to the forums. Love greenpea xxxx

Re: Not sure what's going on

Her name is Bindi. Girl child in first nations language from the middle of the country. A red doe, also called a blue flyer.

Re: Not sure what's going on

@Blueflyer beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl Smiley Happy. Are you her foster mum?


ps: If you want to talk to someone in particular put a @infront of their name. It will notify the person that you have sent them a message Smiley Happy

Re: Not sure what's going on

Hi @Blueflyer. Good to have you on the Forum.  I found this site about 2 & 1/2 years ago.  Saved my sanity.  People struggling with depression and anxiety and PTSD like me.  It's comforting to know you're not alone. 

Feeling as you do,  it might be helpful to go and see your gp.  Get a mental health plan from them and a referral to a psychologist. I've had a lot of help with my depression from my gp and psychologist . Welcome. 

Re: Not sure what's going on

We are here listening and caring, Blueflyer. I'm so sorry you're feeling depressed.
Have you thought about telling your GP and checking out a psychologist? It can help a great deal to talk with someone who's trained to walk people with depression through it and back into the light.
Caring very much.
Feel free to write again any time. We are here.
Love from Twerp.

Re: Not sure what's going on

@greenpea thank you. Yes I am her foster mum. Most ppl don't realise that even blokes are foster mum to kangaroos. Not foster dad's.

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