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Something’s not right

New Contributor

No idea

Hi all,

iv just joined and hoping to find someone who can relate and has advice. 

My father is a drug addict (ice) and is also struggling with depression, anxiety. My step mother abuses him emotionally and physically. He has lost his home and has called me on two seperate occasions with attempts to take his own life. 

I have had him hosptialised and he seems to want help. But returns to the toxic relationship with my step mother then ignores me until the next episode. I don’t want to ignore as I am scared he may hurt himself and I couldn’t forgive myself. 

Im anxious and feel helpless. I love him and just want my dad back.

its is hard to speak with friends and family about the situation. Most family members are fed up and no one else seems to understand. 

It plays on my mind daily Smiley Sad 

Community Manager

Re: No idea

Hi @Katie13,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out- it's not an easy thing to do but is so valuable for finding support. 


This sounds like a really hard situation and you have done a lot to try to help him already. It can be hard to watch this kind of behaviour from a rational perspective when it is quite irrational and unsafe. Do you have any other supports for yourself in place to help you manage this? Other family or therapists?


You may also find it helpful to call a helpline to get some referrals or insights on what to do - here are a few you could try:


SANE Australia helpline: 1800 187 263

Carers Australia: 1800 242 636

Re: No idea


It is a really hard situation and I don’t feel as though I have the support. 

All family memebers are ignoring the situation and have been used by them so are fed up. 


Also boyfriend and friends, when I try to talk about I can tell it’s an uncomfortable conversation and they are unsure of what to say or how to help  so I feel as though I am burdening them. I find my self apologising for talking about it.

i should probably start seeing a therapist just never considered it could weigh on me that much. 

Thank you for the helplines I may start there. 

Re: No idea

It plays on my mind daily-- it would my friend @Katie13

can you get others to help you and your father xx

SANE Australia helpline: 1800 187 263

Carers Australia: 1800 242 636

Thinking of you lots @Katie13, keep in touch , we are here for you xx


For urgent assistance, call: