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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Is this weird

I'm wondering what is going on with me. On Sunday I attempted to take my life due to stress and depression. Now Wednesday I'm pretty sure I'm hitting a manic phase.

I was up all night obsessively cleaning my room, rearranging it and sorting through my thousands of magic cards. Then today after an appointment I walked and shopped srou for 3 hours. 

Now I feel an odd sense of mood I've not had a while. I feel up, but like I could tear the world apart and jump over the things that normally gets to me. Like I'm invincible. 



Re: Is this weird

That is not weird at all @The-red-centaur


I have had feelings luje thAt before. It’s like from the toughest of times you actually made it through so you’re just so happy. Be careful and make sure you know how to reach out as the manic mood wears off!! 

Re: Is this weird

I have felt quick changes in feelings too. @The-red-centaur

Thats Good Advice from @emg_1 re managing post euphoric or manic phase ...

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