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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Chucked out of uni.🤷‍♀️

I just got notice from my university that I have exceeded my leave of absence allowance so, I am kind of chucked out of the system. I only had three subjects left, but I can't blame them, the course was suppose to over a couple of years, I thought it would take me three, but it's taken me six cause of all the medical issues I've had, mum has had and her death. Now, I have to reapply in 2021 and assuming they take me, request advanced standing for the subjects I had done. I'm bummed out about it, but then, maybe it's a good thing, I do need a year to get my life in order and get healthy again. I could see it as a goal; by Feb next year, I could be in my own place, new car, fitter, stronger and my headspace clearer, steadier after all the grief and hurt of the last several years.


Re: Chucked out of uni.🤷‍♀️

@Lemonjuice  (love ur username) that sucks!! unis are just like that bc they're trying to get more money Smiley Frustrated but it's the government's fault for not subsiding them more (viva la revolucion! Smiley Wink )

admire ur ability to turn it positive. all the best, friend, much love. 


Re: Chucked out of uni.🤷‍♀️

That's so disappointing @Lemonjuice 


I went overtime when I was at university but I asked for special considerations a few times and was given them - I completed an Honours Degree in 12 years studying part time - I had to work and had ill health and worst of all - the death of my son


I think you have had sufficient reason to ask for such a consideration - maybe this year is a good year to take out and look after your health - and do what I did - when I had to take time out I did a lot of required reading and attended some lectures and thinking back - it worked.


I know things are different now and people study on-line. You can do that I am sure.


But it is a rotten thing to have happen - however - I suggest you let them know about the tough stuff you have had happen - eg - your demanding mother and her death - something I know about myself - a good reason to come unstuck - and reapply next year


I wish you the best - I know you have had a really difficult time dulring the last year or so - family problems and all the rest.


Also - most likely times have changed and you are at a different university. imo you deserve the special consideration - you can ask and they can knock you back but at least you are putting up a case for yourself



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