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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

it's a saturday @Zoe7 take it easy lol

Thanks Smiley Happy I think it's fixed now. Just had to fresh install a whole bunch of drivers.

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks for your reply @Zoe7 & all the best with the medication reduction. Seems like you have many strengths indeed, & your practical “can do” nature is a huge bonus. Yes routine is important but sadly it’s the thing I’m worst at (along with “to do” lists which were fine until I developed depression). Thanks for the inevitable reminder about “normal” being relative. I am surrounded by extremely competent friends & desperately wish I could be them...just can’t find a retail outlet for that magic wand! Husband & I & 2 younger kids all seem to be feeling ‘blah’. Can’t get motivated at all but have put washing out & might work on another job application. How’s the computer working now @Hamsolo01


Re: Am Not Coping

No motivation yet today @Sam3 but am watching the tennis so that may come later when the tennis has finished. It's a game I wanted to watch last night but it got rained out so it is on today. Yes 'normal' is relative and too often I think we compare ourselves to others rather than working on just improving ourselves - if we can do that then the only person we dissapoint is ourselves and then we can strive to do better next time. Being self-aware helps with our depression as well - and part of that is knowing that rest days/times are inevitable to get through and just accepting those times is all we need to do rther than kick ourselves for not doing more.

Re: Am Not Coping

good afternoon @Sam3, @Hamsolo01, @Sans911, @EOR, @BlueBay, @oceangirl, @Sherry

thank you my sister @Zoe7

we just got home -- we brought half the chemist this morning Smiley LOL

me -- I have an infection , on ab`s now , next week have to have more blood test and other tests as my kidney has gone down to 21% and other things are up

Mr shaz has to have an xray next week , the doctor has put him on pain relief and other meds , have to see what the xray says

and then he asked mr shaz about his MI meds and when his last checkup was -- 3 and a half years ago -- the doctor said he needs another checkup so he is going to read up on mr shaz`s past history , so got another appointment marked in

dropped in to see how my mum was this morning

Re: Am Not Coping

Oh @Shaz51 - you both have so many things going on. Hoping you both back to reasonable health soon. 💜💜

Re: Am Not Coping

thank you @Sans911 , me too

mr shaz has gone to bed , too much for him i think

how are you today xx

Re: Am Not Coping

It seems like it was a very good idea getting to the doctor for both you and Mr. Shaz @Shaz51 Good that you have AB for the infection and great that you doctor is going to review Mr. Shaz after so long. I hope the xray is clear for you both but good that it is being done. Both of you are in the wars at the moment so look after yourself as best you can my sister. Heart

Re: Am Not Coping

great that you doctor is going to review Mr. Shaz after so long. -- yes very true my sister @Zoe7

it will be interesting to see what he says and what is followered up as we go through a lot of doctors in our small town

yes it was a good idea , just we were not expecting it this morning


Re: Am Not Coping

It is a good sign that the doctor wants to read the notes first @Shaz51 and that he even picked up that it has been a long time since there has been any assessment or review done - that is all positive. Hopefully he can help you both as well - you deal with so much yourself that it would be nice to have someone on your side helping you too Heart

Re: Am Not Coping

I’m sending positive vibes to you @Shaz51 & Mr Shaz. Good effort to get to Dr this morning so hope you’re having a relaxing afternoon. 

I saw this article by Princess Kate’s brother about his ‘private’ battle with depression which was kind of encouraging;

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