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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

ha ha my sister @Zoe7, usually happens when you go to the beach xoxo

Re: Am Not Coping

@Faith-and-Hope We went to 'our' beach tonight but not to the end that you painted  but it was so nice that I paddled in the water rather than walking up the beach. It was a lovely time with Toby running everywhere as if he owned the beach lol He sat in between the front seat and me on the way there - which made it quite difficult to change gears - but we made it nonetheless. On the way back my sister sat in the front and he sat on her knee the whole way back. He started getting excited the closer we got to her place though - he definitely knew where we were. We didn't go in though when we got back - just dropped everyone off and came home. It was a really nice way to end a nice day though. Now I am watching Father Brown (sort of as I have seen this episode before), ave taken my meds and will head to bed soon.

Re: Am Not Coping

haha yes it does @Shaz51. The car looks like a kids sandpit there is so much sand from all of us lol

Re: Am Not Coping

@Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 Heading off forum now - will fall into bed pretty soon afterwards methinks. Love and hugs to you both Heart


Re: Am Not Coping

Thank you @Zoe7 I will remember that when I need it.


Re: Am Not Coping

Please do tag me when you need @Appleblossom - only too happy to be here for you Hon - you have been around since I joined and I love your input arounf the forum - as you have said - we all bring different experiences and viewpoints and they are all needed and welcomed Smiley Very Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

Afternoon @Zoe7

So glad you have a better day yesterday at work. I'm really proud of you as well, and inspired by your recovery. It's really great to hear you getting in lived experience talks. You've come such a long way since I've known you. It's certainly helping me a lot to try to remain strong and alive.

Just wanted to let you that your recovery is certainly encouraging to me. Keep going hun, and we'll done💜

Re: Am Not Coping

Thank you so much for such kind words @Sans911 It is always lovely to hear from you (I often see you under the support button and that has the same effect Smiley Very Happy)

It is feeling like I can do this more now than in the beginning but I know there is still a long way to go. ...but if me getting back into work is helping others too then that is just an added bonus that gives me warm fuzzies.

I believe you will get back into your work too Hon - you have also come a long way and the volunteering work you are doing is not only very impressive but will also help you with work in the future. I know you don't think you will ever get back into the kind of work that you once did and loved but I am sure there is a path out there for you. Who would have thought even a few months ago that I would request to move schools - it is such a huge step for me and I need to believe that something better will come of it ...holding onto that belief for you too sweet @Sans911 Heart

Re: Am Not Coping

I got through today okay. The lesson this afternoon fell apart a bit towards the end but I honestly just wanted to get through to the end of the day today. I sat in with all the other teachers while they worked in small groups - nothing I could help anyone with so it was a waste of time for me - read some messages and cleared my inbox - that was about all I could do. The meeting with the prncipal and HR went okay - we are all on the same page with me wanting to move schools - somewhere hopefully closer to where I live and somewhere where it would be a fresh start with no-one knowing anything about me. I still think this is the right decision but it is scary at the same time. I will be starting new, not knowing anyone or the processes at the school - all a bit much but I am trying to think positive and remember that it has really become a toxic environment for me at this present school.

I won't know where I will be until next year as it is getting very late in the term and something has to be worked out. I hope that wherever I am sent it will be a nicer environment to work in. ...the waiting will do my head in but there is nothing I can do about that.

I am working for half a day Thursday and a full day Friday this week and then the usual Monday afternoon combined with a Tuesday full day, Thursday half day and a full day helping move things on the Friday. There are some things that I need to bring home that have been left there over the last 2 years so I will do that on that Friday also. Then that will be it and I never have to go back to that school!

@Faith-and-Hope @Sans911 @Appleblossom @Shaz51 @BlueBay @CheerBear @Dec @Former-Member and all passing through or following along with my school 'adventures'...

Re: Am Not Coping

So happy for you @Zoe7

I think the right decision was made to move to another school. It will be an anxious yime but also exciting. 

So pleased for you. Xx

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