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Something’s not right

New Contributor


Hi everyone,

i got married about 1.5 years back. I heard from my wife that she had left all her previous jobs before marriage after a few months of work mentioning that the work place is unpleasant. I didnt read into that much. She also mentioned that her previosu house mates had bullied her.


However in her current job she is also saying that she is been harressed and she overhears people talking about her.


She also mentions stuff like the below


That she feels that I am passing personal and sensitive information about her to people in her office

That the police may be investigating her

That people in her office talk about her behind her back and mentions specific stories about what she feels they talk about her

Somedays she comes home and gets into tears and crys that its too stressful

She also used to keep a chair in front of our front door when sleeping to be aware if someone breaks in


I also feel she always assumes that people she associates with bully her or harass her. She even mentions this about me sometimes.


I feel she may have some mental illness but cannot seem to convince her to see a doctor.


I am also very worried the situation will get worse and could lead to a more serious mental disorder. I care about her a lot and would like to find a way to resolve this.


Any advice


Re: Advice

hi @Nevergiveup82 and welcome to you
your situation sounds really tough and trying to get someone to get help when they don't want it can be really tricky.
Do you think you could find some information on anxiety and depression and print it out and leave it where she can read? perhaps she doesn't realise its actually a problem and might recognise some of the signs while shes reading?

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