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Senior Contributor

The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

I had just posted a reply before .I thought I'd post part of my reply here so others can benefit. Here's a simple formula you can learn and practice any time you want.I've made this as simple as possible.Try this:

1)When you first meet someone,start by just saying,"Hello".

2)Next.Introduce yourselves,"Hi.My name is..........".

3)The best topic to talk about: each other. You are bringing a new friend into your lives.You should get to know each other,simply by taking it in turns of asking each one question at a time to get to learn more about each other.What things do you want to know? Just ask. Do you remember when you were kids at school and you had to talk to others? Thats all it takes.Those 3 basic steps.

There you go.That's all it takes.Dream it,rehearse it and practice it.Live it.Please enjoy.


Re: The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

hello @Denv12 

checkin in to see how you are going

love to hear from you my friend xxx

Re: The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

Hi @Shaz51 . How are you?  I'm going real well.Thank you for thinking of me.I'm just a bit bored so I try to do some reading to learn new things.I check in to the forums here to read posts and post as well.I havent been in the forums lately.I just try to keep busy.


I hope everyone is going well too.Pop in and say g'day.


Thanks @Shaz51 .


Re: The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

have you had a look around the forum @Denv12 

we have some amazing members too hat too @greenpea , @outlander , @Faith-and-Hope , @CheerBear , @Gazza75 , @eth 

Re: The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

Heya @Denv12, nice to meet you. 😊😊👍


I like your ideas about striking up a conversation. 


@Shaz51 ❤️❤️🐸👍

Re: The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

Hi @Gazza75. Its nice to meet you.Thank you for your feedback.Just simple stuff that we all can do without thinking about it.

Re: The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

Maybe @Denv12, it's something I struggle with.. It used to come pretty natural to me, but, not so much now


Your welcome for the feedback  😊

Re: The Easiest Way To Meet Someone New.

Hi @Gazza75.
I understand how you feel about it.Now I do it without thinking about it.When you break it down to what introducing yourself is then we dont put it on a pedestal.We just say hello.Then tell someone what our own name is(introduction).Then start getting to know each other by asking each other questions to get to know each other.


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