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Re: Good Morning!

I quite enjoy baking @Maggie as long as its not pressured and i can just do it at leisure. Hopefully my foot improves abit more too. Makes things hard hobbling around everywhere.

Wow was the movie any good!? And well done on cleaning up!

Afternoon to everyone here

Re: Good Morning!

Good morning everyone , hope your day is a good one πŸ˜ƒ

Re: Good Morning!

Morning forumites
Hope your Sunday is good

Re: Good Morning!

The movie was great @outlander. There is a newish theatre opened up here. Arm chairs!!! They even serve popcorn and stuff  in the theatre. Not like the old days, so much better.

Hope your day is okish.

Hi everyone.

Re: Good Morning!

Good Morning @Maggie@Hamsolo01@boot@outlander@Wanderer and anyone passing through 

Re: Good Morning!

What's up @TAB

Re: Good Morning!

Morning all @Maggie @Hamsolo01 @boot @outlander @Wanderer @eth @greenpea

@Shaz51 @Sophia1 @CheerBear @Exoplanet @Mazarita @Appleblossom @Teej

@Faith-and-Hope @BlueBay @Zoe7 @Bella @Dec @frog @TAB @Darcy @Adge

@Sherry @eudemonism @Holly24 @oceangirl @soul @Ant7 @soul @Hope4me

@Heavenbound  and sorry who I have not mentioned. 

I have not been on here for a long time, have been in hospital for a while cause I couldn't cope, things just got to much. Then in new year went on a week holiday to Melbourne meeting my mum, which was a good rest from everything for me, I only see my mum 7 days out of the year we have a trip together as mum lives in a different state from me.

So I'm hoping with that break, I can cope a lot more now. It's going to take me a while to catch up on the forum's to see how everyone has been,

I  hope you all got through Xmas and New Year okay and safe.20190114_123509.pngHave a lovely day





Re: Good Morning!

hey @boot about to go back to bed here think lol. um got a txt yest afternoon saying dont come in to work today. eventually realised it was cos theyre energising transformer today, well more than likely. Will ring this afternoon and see whats happening. if i didnt need the money I would bother tbh, pretty much over work atm lol

Re: Good Morning!

Hey @saturnzoon! Great to see you back! Sorry to hear things became really hard for you but great that you're sounding hopeful that the break might help you cope better. Hope your day is an OK or better one ❀

Re: Good Morning!

@saturnzoonHey! I have been thinking about you and how you were going (quite concerned actually). So happy to see you back.  Did you get your housing sorted? I do hope so. Again great to see you around again and a belated Happy Christmas and New Year to you too. Here's hoping it will be a better year for all of us Smiley Very Happy xxx

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