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Re: Far and Away

@Darcy .... ^^^

Re: Far and Away

How's my niece settling in @Faith-and-Hope /

Re: Far and Away



Perfectly well @Zoe7 .... she is a complete darling ❣️  Doesn't want to be picked up just yet, but no guarded behaviours now at all ..... purring and at ease.

Re: Far and Away

Gorgeous @Faith-and-Hope 😁 I bet she will sleep with you tonight 😘

I haven't told Cat yet that she has been replaced by her auntie for a cat of her own lol

Re: Far and Away

awwwwwww @Faith-and-Hope , looks soo much like my Missy HeartHeart

ohhhhhh xxxxx

i will have to have a furbaby again one day xx

Re: Far and Away

Can we have another photo of Nelly @Faith-and-Hope please, please, please ...I have also fallen in love with her already Smiley Tongue


I talked to Mum today about getting another cat but not until the next holidays.I really need to be home to help introduce it to both Toby and Cat ...I am not too worried about Toby but Cat would be the one put out the most and I don't want that. I really wanted the brother of the one my sister is getting but the breeder is keeping him ...I'd already picked out a name Smiley Sad When they pick theirs up though I am hoping to go with them. It will be a day trip as it is at the other end of the state so it will depend on how much work I have to do that weekend.


Has Nelly been introduced to the kids yet?

Re: Far and Away

She's got lovely markings @Faith-and-Hope. She looks like an adult kitty? Love the back feet socks! 💕 💕 💕 💕

Re: Far and Away

Here's some wings for Nelly @Faith-and-Hope 

Image result for cat butterfly costumes

Re: Far and Away

I found her on a website today at a refuge @Sans911 .  I think she is really besitiful, but she seems really sweet natured as well ❣️

The two girls have met her @Zoe7  and D1 wants me to  do a video call.

Re: Far and Away

That is beautiful @Faith-and-Hope Will be lovely for D1 to meet her too - even if it is on a video call. How is D2 with her ...have they both fallen in love with her too.


She needs some of these too...

Image result for cat toys

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