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Re: Far and Away

hello @Gazza75 , @Maggie HeartHeart

Re: Far and Away

😔 💜💜💜🌷 @Sherry , hearing you and understand.    I have missed the tension points you are referring to, but have been a bit stepped back myself for family reasons, as you know.


Hugs Hon.  I will keep an eye out for you for when you can come back.

Re: Far and Away


Hi my sister Heart

I have been thinking of too

Take it easy

With love 


Re: Far and Away


Hi @Sherry Heart

Thinking of you my friend

Here for you anytime

Re: Far and Away


Hi @Faith-and-Hope Heart

Hope you're okay

I have been thinking of you 

I had not long got home from my folks

Re: Far and Away

I hope it was a lovely visit @oceangirl .


I have taken one of baby dragons to the airport.  We are heading west indribs and drabs this time, as classes finish for the mid-semester break.

Re: Far and Away


It was a good visit @Faith-and-Hope Heart Milo and Kira were happy when I returned. Milo greeted down the side of the house because I came through the side gate.


Hope you have a good break from uni, and enjoy your trip back to Perth.

I'm heading overseas towards the end of next week- I am looking forward to the break. 

I have seem to have picked up and I think it has helped seeing my psych more regular

Re: Far and Away

That’s good to hear @oceangirl 🌷💕

Re: Far and Away


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Re: Far and Away

Hi everyone, just wanted to jump in here before I head off for the weekend and just encourage everyone to practice good self care today, this weekend and always.


I was chatting with someone the other day and they said, a walk could be self-care, or it could be just a walk - depending on your mindset. Do your self-care activities (whatever it is) start by reflecting, recognising and engaging with emotions? What stressors and burdens are you carrying?


If tensions from the forums are somethin you are carrying, consider what self-care you can do to engage with those emotions and work through them (including emailing Community Managers if that works for you).


As always, we are working behind the scenes and you might not see everything we do but we do think it's important to minimise any continuation of conflict on the Forums. Can you instead approach the whole situation - including yourself, with empathy and compassion?


Is that all sounding a little too 'woo'? I hope you get what I mean. I know you all care about this place a lot and tension can really impact, hope you can see we're working though it and you'll join us by focusing on self-care?

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