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Re: Far and Away

Just caught up with your post here @Faith-and-Hope Sorry I fell asleep on you last night but as you have seen I definitely needed it. I hope dinner and the movie went okay for all of you. It was nice of Mr. to buy something vegan for you - it does show he is thinking of you sometimes. Smiley Happy ...but it is in those small things like making noise that he has no idea about and how much it affects everyone - especially you - but you constantly keep it together despite lack of sleep and being treated as you are and continue to get on with life the best way you can. As always Hon I am right with you walking through all this - you inspire me every day Heart

Re: Far and Away

Thank you @Zoe7.  You certainly inspire me every day ..... ❣️


Mr. is such a mixed creature.  You sort-of have to check “who” you are dealing with before you try to reason with him, because sometimes you can, but other times it triggers a cyclone.  I don’t think it’s DID .... but sub-personalities in conflict with each other, and not communicating within internal dialogue and emotional systems ..... or something ..... I don’t know enough about it to establish any more clarity than that, but it is tricky, that’s for sure ..... and they guy I love is still in there somewhere, hurting badly.

Re: Far and Away

aww thanks hon - it is the mutual admiration society here hey @Faith-and-Hope 😘


Knowing that the man you love is still in there somewhere is something that keeps you going. I kept saying the same to myself for many years despite the constant abuse but I lived under constant fear as well and that is not something anyone should live with. You have also had the kids to protect as best you can and help them walk through what is happening all around them - that is indeed courageuos of you. I can only talk from my position with my fur babies and equate that to your kids and I know I would do anything for my babies so it does not surprise me that you have done everything you could to give your kids some kind of normality in all that you have dealt with. ....and know helping to walk your kids through their own issues and continuing to inspire and motivate them with your own studies too = that really is inspiring.Heart


I fell asleep again for a little while but think I will again soon. I really am feeling so exhausted. I know I need to get up and do some things but I am body weary and moving very slowly when I do get up. Everything is aching and really does not want to move. I don't have any motivation today to do anything either. I have done Toby's ear - and the little darling let me do it without too much fuss - so that is something. He is now spread out next to me sound asleep after spending a little bit of time outside - we both seem to be worn out at the moment! 


I hope you have had your trip to the art gallery organised and are off doing that by now - look forward to hearing all about it later Smiley Happy Better get up and at least put the washing on - it is a beautiful day to get it dried Smiley Tongue

Re: Far and Away

Yes @Zoe7 ..... gallery done, and out for lunch with my girls.


Movie and dinner got pushed over to tonight.  Last night ended up being more family discussions, which will result in changes to the art space ..... but it’s all productive, despite being unsettling.  Mr.’s condition resides in an unsettled place, so unsettled goes with the territory, always .....


Back later ..... 💕



Re: Far and Away

Enjoy your lunch with your girls @Faith-and-Hope Smiley Very Happy

I hope the changes to the art space will benefit you and the kids Hon - you need that space to do your work in and as a bit of respite from the unsettled stuff.


I have finally moved off the couch and put some washing on - might tackle the kitchen next - have left things for a couple of days that need washing up - at least they were all rinsed first Smiley Tongue Finding it really hard to do things after work at the moment so getting it all done on the weekend is necessary. It is a lovely day here so the washing should get dry pretty quickly.


Your niece has been laying under the wheelbarrow all morning - must be her new spot for now lol Toby just follows me around as usual and lays down wherever I am.

Better get moving myself again before I stop and can't get moving once more.

Re: Far and Away

hi @Faith-and-Hope and @Zoe7 

Hope you are travelling ok today, I've just been pottering around the house doing chores mainly. The concert was awesome, the lead singer had an amazing, angelic voice so I'm glad I went. 

Hope you enjoyed the art F&H, nourishment for the soul Smiley Happy


Re: Far and Away

I have the last load of washing just about to finish then I can peg it out @BryanaCamp Other than that been resting and watching tv. All a bit boring but what I needed today. Glad the concert was good - sometimes we need to push ourselves to do these things and we find it surprises us hey.

Re: Far and Away

Yes, enjoyed the art, and now have to do an assignment on it .... 💕



Re: Far and Away

yes that's the thing about study, it's fun..and it's hard work! good luck with your assignment @Faith-and-Hope hope you get a better night's sleep tonight Smiley Happy

Re: Far and Away

Thanks @BryanaCamp 💕

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