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Re: Craft Corner

Here's a short YouTube video to show how easy (HA!) it is...


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Re: Craft Corner

Wow @Hope4me  this is amazing. Looks like it would take a long time to do. So delicate and beautiful. 

Re: Craft Corner

Yeah @BlueBay, it looks like lace. My attempts weren't so delicate though. 😬 The artists make it look easy when they're working, but it's so intricate and painstaking. Unlike a painting you can't walk away for an hour or two, it has to be done in one sitting.


I'm glad you liked it.

Re: Craft Corner

@CheerBear  I just realised it's back to front but here's where I'm at atm IMG_20190320_194411.jpg


Re: Craft Corner

way to go @outlander Smiley Very HappyHeart

Hello @CheerBear , @Hope4me , @BlueBay , @lolliepop 

have you seen the new ¬ Art Pouring ¬

looks nice and creative xxx

Re: Craft Corner

Yep @Shaz51 I do it quite often. It's very messy though!

Re: Craft Corner

looks messy very true @outlander 

Re: Craft Corner

But it's fun @Shaz51 I do it outside with gloves and table cloths so it's an easy cleanup once things are dry

Re: Craft Corner

@outlander your blanket is looking so great 😊! I love how those colours are turning out. Does it feel good? The feel of some stitches is really nice I think.

Hey @Shaz51. Someone close to me does lots of different kinds of art including pouring with paint. They let me have a play a little while ago and I made a small wall hanging thingy. Super messy as you said @outlander but fun! find it mesmerising and sometimes watch people doing it on YouTube to calm or distract me (and sometimes just because!).

Re: Craft Corner

It does @CheerBear it's got a nice feeling to not going to frog it now but I think having the stitches abit tighter would make it look abit nicer.

Paint pouring is also called fluid art too. I'm planning on doing some myself a little more into April. Did you lacquer it?

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