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Casual Contributor

desperately alone

Hi all, I'm Jade.  been with my Partner who suffers from BPD for just over 5 years now. we moved to Sydney from Perth just over 2 years ago and until the last 6 months, things had seemed to be really good. now He's really struggling, has no support system, cant seem to find a good therapist... I just feel so isolated and alone. we both do. can anyone recommend any support groups around the Parramatta area of sydney? or in the CBD but after work hours? I feel helpless. 


Re: desperately alone

Hi @jade2  and welcome to the forum,

I am not in your geographic area so cant help you with recommendations for support services but wanted  to connect with you here.

Are you looking for support for you or your partner or both?

I ask this as it is really important that you have good support for yourself also.

I support my wife who lives with BPD, we have been married for 19 years. it took a complete crisis for me to get help for me and this affected my ability to support my family.  (We have 3 young children).  Just wanted you to know that many of us here understand the isolated and alone feeling.  You will find this space most supportive.

Happy to answer any questions or just lend an ear if you need to vent... 



Re: desperately alone

The BPD foundation might be helpful @jade2


Re: desperately alone

Hi @jade2 

I have moved interstate a number of times and it usually takes me a good 3 years to build friendships (where it gets to the stage we can have a "remember when" type conversation). 


MI adds another layer to what is already a stressful experience and as you mention, finding a new treatment and care team can be difficult. 


We have a few social threads as well as the serious stuff here on the forum and I have found them really helpful. If you have any pets or hobbies I can tag you.


Re: desperately alone

thanks Smiley Happy we have a dog...trying to find some healthy hobbies to engage in but its hard when motivation is zero..

Re: desperately alone

thanks but this seemed like it was for carers in a paid capacity? I will look into it

Re: desperately alone

thank you for your encouraging words. feeling the stress today. I really need support for the both of us... but especially for him to connect with people going through the same thing, so that he doesn't use me as such an outlet. he is just so up and down at the moment, cant find a good GP as these bulk billing clinics in the city dont care / just about the volume of patients. cant afford to go else where though. Last therapist he saw apparently yawned and clock watched, so of course I cant convince him to "waste his money just to be yawned at". a few weeks ago he checked himself into the emergency department - they let him leave at 11pm, just a few hours later with no help, no sedation. didn't even tell me he had been discharged. and then the "mental health followup" was just an envelope of pamphlets and a customer satisfaction survey. I dead going home because hes either going to be suicidal or in a rage, and I dont know what to do..

Re: desperately alone


The carer support services are for unpaid carers.


It is hard to make the first move to reach out and meet others. What did you enjoy doing in the West?


I will tag you in the dog thread.

Re: desperately alone

thank you Smiley Happy

Re: desperately alone


Do you feel you could ring the Sane support line? It sounds like you are having a rough time at present.

For urgent assistance, call: