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Re: Introduce yourself here

hello and welcome @Student92 

would you like to start a new hread with those great questions my friend

what you have written here would be great to put in your thread so others and give their answers

please tag me xxx

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi just wanting support.
Have a suicidal teen with an additional medical condition. The medical condition is Epilepsy which is causing the anxiety.
Not sure what to do for the best.
Feel like my own life is being turned upside down living in fear and worry all the time.

Am not good at asking for help and due to the potential this could have on my other children very few people know whats really going on.

People always say "just give us a call if you need anything" Truth is iam struggling and think if I let anyone in I will fall apart too.

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Lilly22 @Hi there, we are here and listening. Not sure any of us have a solution per say but there’s support and many open hearts so feel free to share.

You can also start a new thread (with ur own title) so it’s easier to read all the responses I believe.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi I’m mother to son diagnosed with first episode psychosis 2 years ago at 24 y.o. diagnosed with schizophrenia after second episode which was caused by sudden withdrawal from med’s.

after moving out from home. ( now back).  He has always had some ASD characteristics and is very introverted but never enough for diagnosis. His lack of motivation, initiative and sense of hopelessness are sad for all in our family to live with. He has lost all his school friends and has no social contacts. We have tried everything to encourage him with no success. Though managing to finish his university courses he has not had a job since. He reads self help books as if trying to find answers. I am very interested in latest research for this awful disease especially links to auto immune conditions as there are many in my family. Negotiating psychiatrists and psychologists is frustrating as nobody is interested in whole person approach. All the meds cause terrible side effects and we seem to spend are time trying to counteract weight gain and raised blood sugar.  His symptoms revolve around hearing voices and withdrawal but there is no paranoia,anger or mania.  Meds have dulled the voices but have made him sleep all the time. I am trying amino acid supplements but he hates taking multiple tablets. Love to hear how other parents are coping.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Am an absolute mess myself to be honest. Scared when the next seizure will be all the time. Not sleeping due to the unknown. Not to mention the suicidal thoughts and self harming. Both my husband and I cannot relax. We have 4 other beautiful children who for the last 6 months have been put on standby due to hospital admissions, appointments and emergencies.
We are all home c.f. at the moment which is good but i feel on edge all the time and just want to run.
All our family is overseas and feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.

Re: Introduce yourself here

@Lilly22 @I know that lump in your throat feeling, but I can’t imagine how this must be for you. It’s scary stuff you are going through, and you are just trying to be a strong person for everyone, but it’s okay to have that whimper and shudder and take a moment to just breathe. I wish I could give you a big hug right now and tell you how strong you are capable of being and already are.❤️



Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello @M-A 

There is "integrative psychiatry" which may be of interest to you

along with the "hearing voices network" 



Re: Introduce yourself here


I am here to learn how to support my daughter and give and receive support for the journey ahead. My daughter is in her late 20’s. Nearly four weeks ago she had a psychotic episode of hypo mania. She was admitted to hospital and was discharged after two weeks. We have organised a unit for my daughter to live which she is sharing with her mother, my partner. In hospital she was diagnosed with bipolar.


l like cooking Moroccan food.

I lived in India for a year when I was 8 years old.

my favourite piece of music is the Bach cello suites.


thank you.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @AandS  and welcome.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @AandS  and welcome to the forums.   It sounds like tho ga have been pretty rough.  I am glad you’re here.  It makes a real difference to be in the company of others who get what you’re going through.


I like the sound of the Moroccan cooking.

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