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Re: ReHi : EMDR - Has anyone done this

I am sorry to hear it @Doglover
I do hope you get the help in hospital you want and need.
You are a great addition to the forumite community here. I like seeing you about. But I do understand that you are struggling atm.
You are safe in hospital atm. I always reminded myself that I was in a good place when I needed it.
Despite the fact that it hurts and it's hard you're in safe hands.

Re: ReHi : EMDR - Has anyone done this

Thank u Hams my friend for ur kind words. I'm not sure if I'm getting the help I need or not as things r getting worse. But maybe that's to b expected, I don't know. It's my first time in hospital for mh so don't rly know what to expect. What I do know is that it's torture at the moment. 

Thanks so much for ur encouragement @Hamsolo01 , I rly appreciate it my friend.

Take care



Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

Oh Hon that is terrible @Doglover Smiley Sad I so wished this hospital stay would help you. Have you been able to share all this with any supports in there? I really hope that you are getting some support - you certainly seem to need it so much. Really feeling for you Hon and wishing I could do something to help Heart


Re: ReHi : EMDR - Has anyone done this

What supports have you got there? @Doglover
Can you speak to the nurses and such?

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

Hi @Zoe7 ,


Thanks for your kind thoughts.

I really wish things were different too, I can't begin to describe the torture I am going through. I have tried to explain my symptoms to my psych in here but he just thinks its psychosomatic, which it totally isn;t. Its just awful. The nurses are ok but they can't really do anything other than whats on the chart. There's not a lot of point talking wiith them coz theres nothing they can do and they don;t understand my symptoms either. I've just found out they want a family meeting with my husband so I'm really freaking out about that. 

I'm so scared Im not going o get better, I am in such a bad way and people are just not understanding my symptoms. I'm so scared Zoe!


Re: ReHi : EMDR - Has anyone done this

Hey @Hamsolo01 ,

Not much really. I mean the nurses are here but not a lot of them are interested in talking, and really there's nothing they can do other than give you allowable medication.

I have these terrible symptons which are just torture and the psych just thinks it's psychosomatic. Hes asked for a meeting with my hubby and I think hes going to be talking to him about that, which really sucs because my husband doesn't really believe me in regard to my symptoms either and yet my symptoms are just out of control. And nobody believes me. It just sucks!

Re: EMDR - Has anyone done this

It sounds so very hard for you @Doglover and with limited support Smiley Sad Has the pdoc given you any indication on where to from here apart from the meeting with hubby? The only thing I can advise is to keep pushing your point and let them know just how bad you are Hon. It sounds totally debilitating and you deserve so much better than what is currently happening for you. Sending my love and some huge hugs - here and listening Heart

Re: ReHi : EMDR - Has anyone done this

Maybe the conversation with the psych will help @Doglover

I remember my parents were a bit sceptical about my MH when I was first diagnosed. Once they heard from my p doc it was better though.

Ignorance can be bliss. But not all the time if it affects our judgements on those wd love and are close to.

I am thinking of you my friend. Although it is hard for you atm you have us here and you are in a place where it is tough. But this is part of the journey my friend.

Re: ReHi : EMDR - Has anyone done this




Re: ReHi : EMDR - Has anyone done this

@Doglover Thinking of you Hon Heart

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