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Re: A new start (kind of)

Yeah paying to fix teeth over and over I was told once and forgot @Appleblossom ok told again recently

Re: A new start (kind of)

@Appleblossom I hope the festival goes well for you and the crowds are not too much. 

I grind my teeth at night too - was supposed to get a mouthguard a couple of years back but it didn't happen. I'll head back to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth removed in the school holidays - definitely can't do it until them money wise anyway.


Hi @Hamsolo01 @TAB @eudemonism Hope you all have a good weekend Smiley Happy

Re: A new start (kind of)

Thanks @Zoe7 you too my friend.

Re: A new start (kind of)

So tired today @Hamsolo01 Think I could sleep all weekend but need to try to get some housework done at some stage. Going to try to get the washing done at least today. What are you up to?

Re: A new start (kind of)

hi @Zoe7  @Hamsolo01 @TAB @eudemonism 

my cat was limping this morning so I had to take him to the vet. It's just a fight wound thankfully, nothing more serious. He had injections so I don't have to give him any medicine though I do have to keep him in for 5 days and he is not liking that! the pain relief injection has kicked in so he's feeling good & asking why can't I go outside an play! Hope the ear medicine went ok @Zoe7 I sympathise that would be pretty tricky.


Just did some grocery shopping and cooking today, a load of laundry. I had to cancel a picnic becuase of the vet but I'm kind of relieved as I didn't feel up to meeting new people & socialising.


How are you going? hope you're having a good saturday Cat Happy

Re: A new start (kind of)

I hope your cat will be okay @BryanaCamp - it is not nice having our fur babies hurt. My little fluffball has been really good so far with getting the drops in = he doesn't like it of course but is letting me do it. 


I can understand you not wanting to socialise - some days are like that. I am doing much the same as you - washing and resting today and maybe a little more of the housework later but thinking I may need another sleep soon - just feelingworn out today.


I need to also do a little shopping but that can wait until tomorrow at least - nothing I need urgently - will need dog food by Monday though. Will probably wait until after work on Monday to get what I need if I can't make it out tomorrow.

Re: A new start (kind of)

Thanks @Zoe7 yeah, I feel a lot better after going to the vet & knowing what is wrong. My cat is obviously feeling pain-free now from the injection - he's stopped limping and is asking a lot to go outside, he can't understand why I'm keeping him cooped up inside on such a fun day!

Glad the ear drops went ok, Toby sounds like a sweety.

I'm not surprised you feel exhausted, you are putting a lot of long hours at work. I'm unemployed and generally struggle with fatigue and laundry and dishes (and even hair-washing and toothbrushing) day to day so I can imagine it must be hard to find the time & energy to take care of all that housework. Hope you can have something nice to eat today, take care of yourself a little Cat Happy


Re: A new start (kind of)

Toby is a sweety @BryanaCamp The vet greeted us yesterday with 'there's my shaggy boy I was looking for' - it is probably the longest his fur has been so he does need a haircut but that will have to wait as well. He doesn't like me cutting the back half of him so it takes a real effort for both of us to do it - usually I do it in stages over a couple of days and give him his chew bone while I do it ...but with his ear I don't want to stress him out too much - the drops are enough for now and when he gets used to me doing that in a few days then I might attempt a hair cut.


You poor little cat would be confused - they don't like changes to their usual routines so I can imagine he is wondering why he can't go outside as usual. Mine is okay inside or out but does like her early morning and late night wanders - I have really high fences so she stays in the back yard - except when she chases a cat over the back fence - but she comes back really quickly - they are so territorial 😺


I am finding work really tiring the last couple of weeks but there has also been a lot going on in my head so dealing with that has been hard too. All I want to do lately is sleep and that is not a good sign for me. We have reduced my night meds to try to get me up and about and more awake in the morning but that seems to have done the opposite. I will talk to my pdoc about that this week. I am having more dreams and the occasional nightmare so we may need to increase that med again - either way I am pushing through and doing what I need to get some stuff at home done and make it to work okay. 

Re: A new start (kind of)

Aww, Toby sounds like a very hansome boy @Zoe7 . Sorry to hear you're strugggling with fatigue. That can be frustrating. I have meds to help me sleep too. Without them I just toss & turn all night having nightmares. The med helps but I'm usually very tired by the afternoon, not able to do much. I'm glad you can talk to your pdoc about sleep this week. I'm guessing your job is four days/week not negotiable?

Re: A new start (kind of)

how's your weekend going @Hamsolo01 ?

how is work @TAB ?

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