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New Contributor

Full time carer and paying rent for accommodation

Hello I have been caring for my brother the last 2 years, He owns his home and has received a compensation payout more than 20 yrs ago he has always payed the rates and any thing related to house maintainance all the other bills are shared by relatives living and caring for him.

My question is should the carer be paying rent to reside in the home and anyone else who resides. His finances have been with the public trust this whole time, If the carer is meant to pay rent is there a relative legislation that i can refer to. I am concerned that he has been financially abused for decades,Since i have become carer i have become his financial administrator as well saving him 12 grand a year but he is running out of money before he can recieve a pension in 2024. As his administrator i have ensured that i pay rent and other family as well as its part of the job by law to look after his financial future. As i understand, yes fulltime carers should pay rent but a payed carer would not but i can't see this in writing or in any legislation, I am driven to resolve this for my brother.


Re: Full time carer and paying rent for accommodation

Hi @brohelper


I found this link that may be of help or direct you to an appropriate resource.


Carers Australia may also be able to direct you to an appropriate financial counseling service.   If your brother is unable to work he may qualify  for DSP.



Re: Full time carer and paying rent for accommodation

Thanks for your answer

Re: Full time carer and paying rent for accommodation

How are you going @brohelper

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