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Looking after ourselves

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

@Adge  some more feathered beauties from today's visit to a bird sanctuary today. Thought you may like 😊


They are mostly rescued and rehomed  birds in an enclosure bigger than our house. 








Screenshot_20190710-201516_Gallery.jpgThese little guys were burrowing in the ground




Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

This little guy befriended me. Sat on me until it was time to move on (was a guided tour).




Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Wow @Determined Very nice.

A Rainbow Lorikeet.

A Macaw (blue & gold type) from South America.

A type of Conure, also from South America.

A blue variation of Plumhead (or Mistacio) parrot.

The last one is a male Eclectus Parrot, from northern Queensland (the female is red).


Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Ahh lovely Thank you @Adge 

There was a guide telling us all about them but with background buzz my hearing is no good. (Well I can hear ok just can't understand what people are saying unless They are looking directly at me) needless to say I missed most of what was being said. 

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Are you able to tell me what the last one is (pic on my shoulder) Alexandera? 

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

The one that befriended you on tour @Determined Could be a young Alexandrine parrot.

It's missing the black ring around it's neck, so could be a juvenile.


Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

They have way more than just these birds. I took so many photos I could not possibly post them all. + a lot of the photos I took have our children in them. 

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Thanks @Adge . Appreciate all the info 😊

I would love to have your knowledge of birds.


Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Screenshot_20190710-214448_Gallery.jpgVandals in the background just wanted to eat the clips and zips on my coat. Big guy was friendly enough.


Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance



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