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Looking after ourselves

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance


@Pebbles wrote:

I love animals, I really do. But birds and I don't mix too well.

I'll show you why Smiley Happy



Reckon I could almost insert our S3 in this pic.  We have a conure that takes great delight in stalking him. Unfortunately this means the naughty birdy stays in jail until the little man is in bed lol 



Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

loving the photos @Determined Smiley Happy

Hello @Adge , @Darcy 

love the last picture too Smiley LOL

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Hello @Determined , @Adge , @Darcy , @Sherry , @Smc , @Adge ,


bird 2.jpg


bird 1.jpg




Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Lovely pictures @Shaz51

You can buy one of those Blue & Gold Macaws from the Bird Shop -

- only if you have a spare $17000.....


Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Yikes @Adge  ... did you mistakenly add an extra 0 there?  😮

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

$17000..... what wow @Adge , @Sherry Smiley Surprised

Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Hi @Sherry No that is correct.

$17K or $17000.

Someone is buying them at that price - that's the going rate.

I don't know how they can afford it.


Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Macaws (originally from South America) are available, but very expensive @Shaz51 @Sherry

Australians cannot import birds into the country (generally) - so it's only birds that have been bred here, that you can buy.

Macaws make excellent pets (apparently) - if you can pay that much $$ for one.


Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance




Re: Birdy Song Birdy Dance

Cheep Cheep (Pun intended) @Darcy

That's just what my baby Java finches are doing (in nest).

Their cute little faces poking out through the nest box hole.

One almost fell out, because of being over-curious about what was happening outside the nest.


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