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Advance Statement

I'm not sure where to put this but I am wondering whether anyone has written an advance statement, what you've included in it if you have one, and whether anyone has ever used one/found it useful to have one?


Thanks πŸ™‚



Re: Advance Statement

@CheerBear  Hi CheerBear I was just wondering what an advance statement was?Smiley Embarassed

Re: Advance Statement

Hi @CheerBear 


We are looking at doing advance care directives in the near future.


Rules in relation to ACDs vary from state to state and I think (but may be wrong) that in Victoria you can do a specific mental health ACD. Note:  An involuntary treatment order overrides an ACD (and you cannot decline involuntary treatment in an ACD). I know SA has specific mention of ECT in ACD information and enduring guardians are appointed in the SA ACD whilst this is separate in some other states. Some states recognise interstate ACDs/guardians, others do not.


I have looked up a few state examples of ACDs,  think it is either NSW or Qld that has tick boxes for a number of scenarios in their proforma.


ACDs can be updated and as we have recently moved interstate we might look at something basic to ensure our enduring guardian information is locked in as well as DNR/serious injury preferences. I think Mr Darcy would like to put some specific mental health items in there too.


My mum has made one and hers includes things like organ donation, serious injury and preferred living arrangements.


Re: Advance Statement

Hey @greenpea. My understanding is that it is a written and signed document detailing your treatment preferences (and other stuff you might find important) in case you need compulsory treatment at some point. It has to be listened to but it can be overturned by a psychiatrist. My psych suggested I do one a little while ago and at the time I didn't see the need but today a support worker mentioned it would be a good idea and strongly encouraged me to, just in case CATT get involved some time down the track and I get myself in a big pickle with them (which is not unlikely if they ever did get involved again). It might be a state specific thing maybe πŸ€”

Re: Advance Statement

Thanks heaps for your reply @Darcy (we posted at the same time). I wonder if mental health ones are similar to medical advance care directives. I'll have a look around and see if the tick box ones can give me an idea of whether it could be a helpful thing to do.

Thanks again πŸ™‚

Re: Advance Statement

@CheerBear  Sounds like a really good idea. I will be interested to what people have to say about it and do one myself most probably Smiley Happy.

Re: Advance Statement


In most states an ACD covers all medical including psych.  If you put in anything in your ACD that contravenes your state Mental Health Act, the MH Act will override it. 


Re: Advance Statement

I think where I am advance statements are recognised under the MH act @Darcy, but I'm pretty sure a psychiatrist can override anything in it (with reason and explanation). I don't know what the difference between an advance directive and an advance statement is or whether there is a difference. Maybe that's a thing too.

Some of this stuff (lots of this stuff) would be easier if it wasn't state specific 😏 It would be very tricky for you moving interstate and having to navigate it all.

Re: Advance Statement

It is my understanding that a psychiatrist can only override an ACD if you are on a treatment order @CheerBear . As with any treatment order, a specific tribunal order is required for ECT.

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