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The difference between a Community Manager and Moderator

Hi everyone,

As most of you would have seen, we have a new Community Manager! If you haven't said hi to @Margot you can do so here

I thought I would take the opportunity to share the difference between Community Managers and Moderators.

As you know, SANE Forums are moderated 24/7. Moderators are the key people who make sure this happens. They are often behind the scenes reviewing posts, following up breaches of guidelines and keeping people safe. 

Community Managers ( @Lauz@Margot and I) work full time on the Forums mostly around community and member engagement. For example, we are responsible for Topic Tuesday and other special events. We are also the people you may hear from time to time via email if we need to follow up any concerns, such as technical issues or other forum related matters.

It's likely you may "see" Community Managers around the Forums more often than Mods, however, there is always a moderator on and are focused on reviewing posts for members safety.

Community Managers mostly work business hours, Monday to Friday. So if you email one of us, please allow 1-2 business days to respond. 

When will I see a Moderator post in the Forums?

- When the @Moderator mention has been used a moderator will check the post and respond, particularly if it's about a member's safety.

- When there is tension or conflict between members a moderator may post to reduce the escalation and be in touch via email. 

- When there is a duty of care concern a moderator will post in the thread to let the member know they will follow up via email.

- When a new discussion hasn't had many responses a moderator will post to encourage others to get involved with the discussion.

When will I see a Community Managers post in the Forums?

- When there is an annoucement about the Forums a CM will provide an update 

- When there are technical issues a CM will post a solution or let you know the status

- When they start new discussions about relevant topics

- When they pop in and say hi in threads like 'Good Morning' and 'Hot Chocolate'

- During Topic Tuesdays

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below 🙂

For urgent assistance, call: