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Forum Events and Service Spotlight's - let us know some thoughts?

Hi everyone,


We wanted to talk to you about events - no not talking dress codes and dj vs band, we are talking about the online events we host here in the forums 😉


A lot of you will have seen or gotten involved in a Topic Tuesday or two (if you haven’t go and check them out here and hit the support button on the next one!) These events focus on a particular theme and are a live facilitated discussion sometimes featuring a special guest expert- these run for 2 hours.


We have also throughout the years done events called Service Spotlights. This event focuses on bringing you useful insight and information around specific services and the ability to ask questions around that service or program to one of their staff members.


Back a few years we used this to spotlight SANE forum partners (here is an example) and in more recent times we were utilising them to share a bit more info around programs or areas the SANE Australia team do (example here). These events were open for a week where a staff member from the organisation would reply to questions posted in the thread throughout the week. We have also done some Q&A styles as well (example here). These haven’t been quite as popular as our Topic Tuesday events and we’d like to hear a few things from you all to help us put together a version that engages better with you all!


Can you give us some thoughts and/or ideas around the format of a Service Spotlight? What would drive you to engage with a Service Spotlight? Or should we wrap these events into a Topic Tuesday style?


Are there any other types of events you would want to see run in the forums that shares health information?


Re: Forum Events and Service Spotlight's - let us know some thoughts?

Hi @Lauz


Having someone from a service participate in a topic Tuesday if they offer a relevant service might be useful - or having a TT like discussion with a specific focus to create interest and kick start a week long thread might help.


I think there is going to be a lot more focus on NDIS as this will create funding for service providers,  but there are some that offer education and general support. 

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